Strategic Leadership

  The greatest weakness identified by all participants from 12666 organizations worldwide is in managing change: 62% think that the inability to manage change or to overcome internal resistance to change is a genuine problem within their organization according to Palladium Group’s

Strategic Thinking

Studies indicated that majority of corporate and government leaders today fall short when it comes to this foundational element of strategy. 7 out of 10 leaders say they don’t consider themselves to be strategic thinkers according to Chief Executive magazine To picture

Strategic Planning

Without a plan, even the most innovative strategic ideas will never see the light of day. A strategic plan is a road map that details where your organization is headed and how your strategic ideas and innovations will be brought to reality.

Strategy Execution

A recent survey of 200 FTSE 100 companies, 80% of directors said they had the right strategies in place, only 14% thought the strategies were being implementing well. In a recent McKinsey & Company study, virtually all director said they think they